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Around Shoreditch
Design & Layout

Design Loop'd loopd_affiche

Around Shoreditch - The Ultimate Guide, is a guide to the Shoreditch area of London. Designed for locals & tourists, it presents Top 10 lists in multiple categories, from Nightlife to Street Art.

The front cover consists of a rip-off Postcard, featuring the winning photo from our local competition between Shoreditch based photographers. The use of black and white to represent this trendy neighbourhood, encourages visitors to seek out the different spots and discover the art & life theirselves.


Graphiste Glossary
Design & Layout

Graphiste is a glossary covering graphic design terminology. Promoting knowledge as a weapon, I was inspired by russian constructivism and designed the glossary to unfold into a 4 meter banner.

The use of templates, graffiti, stapled flyers and a large slogan on the reverse side give a sense of social engagement and inspire the designer to use the correct vocabulary to defend his/her work.


Editorial/Poster design

tartine web game design

Masse[S] is an A1 poster that folds down to a newspaper size, and was designed during a 3-day workshop, within a group of 3 designers. The content and photos (of people in photobooths) discuss how our identities only exist in comparison to others. It's the "I" against the "You".

The layout reflects this constant opposition, using extreme differences in font size, font weights, white space and photo size.


Illustration and Branding

loopd website design responsive Design Loop'd

Loop'd is a new buy-one
give-one optician. Their products are developed around the fact that glasses should be original, functional and available to everyone.

With the launch of their international marketing strategy looming, Loop'd needed me to develop a brand positioning and identity that reflected its design ethos.
The illustrations here represent the benefits for both the "buying" country, and the "receiving" country (Ethiopia), and help emphasize the humanitarian action of the company.


Salomé London
Branding & Web Design

tartine web game design tartine web game design

Salomé London creates luxury wedding dresses, pulling inspiration from the Art Déco mouvement to create unique pieces with an early 20th century feel.

For the launch of this new company, the branding included logo, business cards, letterhead and wordpress website.


Anna Bergues
Print Design

Design Loop'd Design Loop'd

Anna Bergues writes fun short stories "to read on your journey to work".

When she decided to publish her first booklets, I illustrated each one in black ink, and created packs of 4, each story having it's own important colour. The layout is fun, simple and easy to read on the train.


Congress Poster Design

flyer_congress design_bgcn

CFE-CGC is a french professional syndicate, hosting a yearly congress for which they needed a new poster and invitation.

The 2016 congress will focus on future progress and direction, in the hope to "gain new points of view." This is what I aimed to convey in the design.


Visual Identity & Web Design

Parcelle is an online real estate agency specialized in small land and farm sales.

For their upcoming launch, Parcelle needed a complete brand identity and website reflecting the non-commercial aspect of the company. Buying a small piece of land (local garden or vineyard for example) is a personal investment and the company wants the public to feel like they are discovering a new adventure.


Art Direction

Chipote is an upcoming french culinary magazine for young working mums.

I designed Chipote's Issue 0 to help the editors establish the magazine as a modern brand with an original approach to parenthood and cooking. The brand guidelines created will help give this start-up the structure and image needed to grow through social media and with each future issue. Managing a group of 3 professionals, I directed the photoshoots, designed the magazine, and organized each stage of it's creation, through to print.


Le Petit Paumé
Photography & Design

mise en page petit paumé mise en page petit paumé mise en page petit paumé

Le Petit Paumé is a french travel guide, listing Lyon's local markets and artisans.

For the 2015 edition, I took black & white photos and used orange crayon to illustrate the journey Le Petit Paumé takes us on. The dynamic layout creates rhythm, reinforcing the sense of movement within the guide.


The Beauty Bible
Branding & Web Design

The Beauty Bible is an online beauty services directory that allows user to locate salons around them and read reviews and recommendations.

For their Dec 2015 launch, I designed the website, branding, presentations & weekly newsletters.


Responsive Web Design

NuvoLets is a new real estate agency, with an online platform allowing users to build their ads, review tenants and receive alerts.

I designed the NuvoLets website for their 2016 launch, with a consistant brand image visible on all social media sites and company stationary.


Way Finding

The Lyon Library needed a new wayfinding system, to replace their current 20 year old signs.

To keep in style with the architecture of the space, we drew a new typography using white lines, also allowing light to come through the directions and brighten the rooms.
This font was used as the basis for the pictograms and floor numbers, created in oak, to help highlight the new metal of the signage.

April Lauren Butten

Freelance Graphic Designer

A portfolio, C.V, and multiple references can be provided upon request.

Professional Experience
- I have been working as a freelance designer since January 2013
- April - September 2015: Design Intern, Made In Shoreditch, London
- July 2013 - June 2014: In-house Graphic Designer, GlamourGals
- May - July 2013: Graphic Design Intern, GlamourGals, New York
- February 2013: Print-house Intern, Typ'offset, Bèziers
- 2016: Masters in Graphic Design & Branding Strategies
- 2014: Bachelors in Graphic Design - Web Design Major


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